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Web Hosting in Rosebank, Gauteng, Johannesburg

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Shared Web Site Hosting

Shared servers provide individual web sites with redundant connectivity, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring.

Shared Web Hosting is when we provide managed server space to store your website online. You pay a small rental fee in the form of a low monthly cost for disk space, bandwidth and emails. Using shared web hosting servers we are able to provide you with affordable web hosting, without sacrificing quality. When you purchase a shared web hosting package, you are sharing a server with many other web sites.

Shred Web hosting is an online storage service for information, images, video, or any content accessible through the Web.

Shared Web Hosting is also known as website hosting, allows you to host your personal or business website without having to purchase the physical infrastructure.

Web hosting is the business of providing the storage, connectivity, and services necessary to serve files for a website.

A web hosting package includes web space for your web site files, bandwidth which is used for your web site traffic and dedicated email accounts for your web address. Each account has its own directory and there isn't a way of anyone accessing your emails or web directory at any time.

Web site hosting facilities are shared with other customers, with each one securely partitioned and separately managed.

Your files are safe and secure with our Shared hosting solution. You will have peace of mind that only a high-quality and affordable web hosting solution. Make them available to you as simply and inexpensively as possible.

Web Site Hosting - how secure is it?

Security is our main concern when it comes to web hosting. No matter which website hosting solution you select, you will get the same world-class security features and all-round protection from CWD.

Our web site hosting options which you can select based on your business needs.

Taking a Basic Web Hosting solution does not mean that you are compromising on service and security, they are distinguished from higher end solutions by their cost and the customisation abilities that they offer.

Basic Web Hosting from cwd is a well-rounded solution that will allow your company to quickly and easily get your websites up and running.

Basic Web Hosting has been built by cwd specifically to cater to the needs of a large company that doesn't yet require a large-scale web hosting service, or a business that simply needs a simple and affordable web hosting solution for a self-contained unit, subsidiary or branch.

Our advanced hosting facilities allow you to focus on what you do best. Our Data Centre is connected using some of the fastest Internet facilities available in South Africa, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and secure stable Web Hosting servers.

Web hosting for your business

If you are a Entrepreneur, Business or Small Medium Enterprise (SME) who needs a website with no more than about ten pages and a couple of mail boxes, then our Basic hosting package is perfect for you. If however you need a website with a forum or an E-commerce site attached or you expect a lot of traffic, we suggest that you make use of our great medium hosting package.

Web hosting to suit your businesses needs and grow as your business grows.

Our wide range of products allows for flexibility to upgrade as your business grows.

We understand that your website hosting needs may change over time - which is why we offer affordable web hosting packages, with different technology, storage, bandwidth, email, and feature rich components. We've looked carefully at the type of features that a business could need from a basic website hosting service, and bundled them in ways that are scalable, simple to use and, above all, cost-effective. We even support each one with the very latest in security and backup technology.

You get all the benefits of a world-class and affordable web hosting service, with the peace of mind that will allow you to take a hands-off approach.

Full server monitoring and backup

The web server on which your websites are hosted is constantly monitored and all your data is regularly backed up to ensure optimally functioning and recovery capabilities.

Data integrity

  • Daily backups ensure that no data or files will be lost.
  • Weekly backups ensure that no data or files will be lost.
  • Monthly backups ensure that no data or files will be lost.
  • Secure web hosting that you can rely on

We view your websites and data in the same mission critical way that you do. Our secure web hosting environment means that you can use our web with complete confidence that your website will be protected against all potential threats.

Secure Data Centre with Reliable Stable Infrastructure

Web Hosting supplied in a world-class data centre with onsite engineers, top security, climate control, uninterrupted power supply and 24/7 monitoring.

Our Data Centre is one of the most technologically advanced, secure, robust and reliable site hosting environments available anywhere in South Africa, with state-of-the-art web site hosting environment.

Our web hosting environment is focused on ensuring that your websites are always available - through comprehensive server management and engineering support.

Fast bandwidth ensures your website is deployed on the cwd high-speed network, ensuring that your end-users enjoy a fast performing website.

We provide state-of-the-art physical and virtual security to your web site that is housed in a web hosting environment, with the latest camera technology and fingerprint access control is used, combined with firewalls protected, with securely encrypted lines to protect data transfer. Servers are securely partitioned, so that only you have direct access to your website and data. Further intrusion software provides protection from hacking, virus and spam attacks.

This data centre built following a Tier 4 methodology is an absolute model of web hosting security and reliability. Tier 4 is the most stringent security level designed to host mission critical computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalised security zones.

Physical security is provided by online access control systems that include double access doors, biometric (fingerprint) access control, photographic identification and camera technology. Physical access is restricted to authorised engineers.

There are fire detection sensors throughout the secure web hosting environment. These include both heat and smoke sensing devices which are interconnected with a state-of-the-art fire suppression system which is capable of early detection of imminent electrical fire. All systems are regularly and fully tested


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